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hannity's new plumber. >> this is about dismantling this country. you have awakened sleeping giant. we are tired of this and why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into a socialized country. >> ok. good for you. i think that's incredibly hyperbolic fear but you got to voice your question in a calm way to your senator. you can't argue with that. sean: katie, were you happy with the answer you got from the senator today? >> honestly, after i asked the question i was so just -- i don't know. i didn't hear half of what he said to be honest with you. [laughter] >> great. welcome to fox. can you start on monday? sean: that's not all the left wing blogosphere went in overdrive accusing katie from stupidity to racism and the blog white noise and sanity argued with a black man in the white house she's feeling like the founding fathers would be livid because they wanted white power to the end. the website crooks and liars charged -- sean: lovely. i guess the tone in washington really changed. joining me now to respond to all this is ka
animus against the man. sean hannity is a republican. it is obvious that he does not like president obama. and thinks his policies are bad. but, in totality, with shepard smith coming at 7:00. with bret baire coming at 6:00, you have a presentation that's not overtly hostile to president obama. what we -- what the contention is is that we glorify the protesters. but that's bull. we just don't demean them like all the other networks do. so i'm trying to get in my mind why the obama people don't see this as a negative toward them. a fight with fox hurts them. helps our ratings, hurts their ratings. but they continue, i think, to make an issue of it. >> well, i mean, the one time during the presidency was the one interview did with john harwood. now, i know other cable networks when they hear the president say cable chatter think the president is talking about them. many think the president is talking about us. during one of his recent town meetings, he said, you know, if you go across cable and you stop your remote at a certain channel you know you hear critical things. bill: of course that
% believe this, because every night sean hannity or others have been pushing this message, that in the language there is this potential. and when you say that, you're raising suspicions on the part of the public. >> is it that, or that more conservatives watch fox news and more conservatives are negative towards this plan or don't have any confidence in obama or in the mainstream media? >> a lot of political sciences indicated, especially over the past generation, there's been a tendency for people first to decide what they believe and then to decide what they want to watch. whereas, back in the 1970s, the best predictor about what you thought about the economy was how you were personally doing by the late 1990s, the best predictor about what you thought of the economy, whether you supported the party in power or not. the thing so wacky about this debate, is that it is already true that everybody or virtually everybody over 65 is enrolled in a public plan. the government could kill them all now if it wanted to. they have, theoretically, so what is going on different? that
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)